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Republic of Tea - Mango Ceylon Loose Tea

Metabolic Frolic Tea - This favored tea is light, sweet & intoxicatingly fragrant. Mango & sunflower blossoms are blended with superior Ceylon tea leaves to produce an uplifting cup. Wonderful served over ice.

Tea Name:
Mango Ceylon - Metabolic Frolic Tea

Mango and blossoms are blended with superior black Ceylon tea to produce an uplifting cup. A favorite retreat for coffee lovers. Black teas grown on the island of Sri Lanka (a country previously known as Ceylon) infuse a rich golden infusion, lighter and mellower in character than Assams and not as flowery as Darjeelings. Ceylon leaves lend themselves nicely to blending with fruit and essential oils.

Tea - Sri Lanka

Black, or fully fermented, tea produces about one-quarter to one-half the caffeine found in a comparably sized cup of coffee. Mango Ceylon decaffeinated tea bags contain a miniscule amount of caffeine. The mango and blossoms contribute no caffeine to the cup.

Tasting Notes:
This most favored tea is light, exotically fruity, and intoxicatingly fragrant. The blossoms add a touch of natural sweetness.

Preparation & Serving:
Use one level teaspoon per cup of tea. Brew for three to five minutes. Very delicious served over ice or as a unique, palate-cleansing base for granitas and sorbets.

Special Notes:
Certified Gluten Free

Full leaf - 4.2 oz can


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Republic of Tea - Mango Ceylon Loose Tea

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